Rotating Passerelle For Jet Ribs Single Point Lift

Rotating Passerelle slings for Jet Ribs

Your adjustable Rapid Marine sling kit at a glance 

  • Stainless 316 fittings
  • Each sling has a unique serial number
  • 100% Polyester webbing 
  • Manufactured in the UK 

Certified to EU Safety Standards All slings are supplied in a 4 leg version. If your tender has 3 attachment points, simply clip one of the unwanted forward legs to the attachment assembly (rings).

A rotating passerelle is normally mounted to one side of the bathing platform. It raises and lowers, extends and retracts.It also rotates. The passerelle can either have a single point attachment or a two point attachment. If your passerelle is a two point attachment, purchase the single point to double point adapter. 

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