Ultra 310

Kawasaki Ultra 310 Lifting Slings

Rapid Marine provides a safe, quick and easy way to lift your jetski. The 4 point lifting sling uses a single point attachment with a safe working load of up to 500kg. Using stainless 316 steel fittings and 100% polyester webbing, our slings are certified to EU safety standards. They are easy to fit with our simple instructions.

All components are BS/EU certified. It is strongly recommended to have the attachment brackets proof loaded to 110% of the SWL once fitted prior to use. As with all slings, daily visual inspections should be carried out prior to use. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR MAN RIDING.

(Note: Products are listed with each Jetski that the kit fits. If you can't find your Jetski model in the product, please don't hesitate to get in touch.)

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